Philosophical Practice and Meditation Space

A space for Buddhist meditation and philosophy, emphasizing a living and critical application of contemporary and historical practices.


I had been running this space on a word-of-mouth basis only a few years ago and then had to take a pause for health reasons, but I also used the time to become clearer about how I wanted to present this space. So I am now becoming more official about the whole thing and inviting practitioners from all traditions, who are interested in a place of mutual learning, largely secular with a minimum amount of ritual, and a real place for both critical thinking and practice.  I also welcome those who want to supplement their more traditional practice with additional learning and discussion. Events are held in English and/or German languages, depending on what is needed. The dates (see below) are still flexible at this point. Feel free to contact me concerning which times are most convenient for you.

Philosophical Practice

One-on-one counselling and discussion on appointment basis.

  • Individually adapted discussion and philosophical analysis of personal topics.
  • A philosophically and experientially analytic approach, based on Western as well as Buddhist philosophical traditions.
  • Individual meditation counseling and guidance.


Newcomers please contact me in advance

Tuesdays & Thursdays 19:30 - 21:00
Discussion and Meditation

Saturday 9:00 - 10:00

By Appointment
One-on-one counseling and guidance.

Meditation Space

For beginners or experienced practitioners.

A small, truly peaceful and intimate practicing space with a view over the rooftops of Kreuzberg close to Mariannenplatz. Practitioners and experience from all traditions are welcome.

Both meditation practice and critical discussion of the practice are emphasized. While the practice is not explicitly secular, ritual is kept to a minimum, defining only enough guidelines to make a common practice possible.

Discussion and Presentation

Regular meetings focused on critically assessing ideas, experiences, and practices are offered to help develop an integrated understanding. The point is for participants to support each other with their various degrees of understanding and experience, with less reliance on the authority of gurus and teachers.



After studying music and philosophy, I moved to Berlin in 1992, where I have been active as an artist, musician, philosopher, architect, and IT expert. I have published, lectured, or held workshops in all of these areas as well.

I have studied and been a serious meditator since about 1982. While my formal practice has been in the Zen tradition, much of what I practice comes the from writings and teachings of several Theravada and Vajrayana teachers. I see Buddhist practice as a continuum which spans the various schools and history, and I advocate a critical  practice which engages with both Western and Eastern thought traditions. You can find a little bit more about where I am coming from in the Blog section under "influences", and in other blog entries.


Please contact me before your first visit or for other inquiries at: